Top 7 tips to declutter the laundry

Written by Team SM

March 26, 2024


The laundry has to be one of the smallest rooms in the home. It’s one of the most used rooms, the hardest working, with lots of different functions and requirements and needs lots of storage for plenty of awkward shaped bottles and items.

Folding our laundry is a thankless and never ending task, while the room that houses them becomes a combination laundry and utility room that can be easily strewn with dirty clothes and laundered ones – and anything else awkward to hide there.

It’s easy to close the doors on your laundry and toss it all into the too-hard basket, but a messy disorganised laundry messes with your energy. The repetitiveness of laundry means chaos easily and swiftly accumulates in the hardest working room of the house. With the washer and dryer conveniently offering flat surfaces and the basin an ideal dumping place, it’s too tempting to stack things on and in them.

A chaotic laundry leads to
❌ being surrounded by dirty clothes which creates health issues and your clothes losing their wear
❌ making laundering your clothes more difficult

Laundry – the real never ending story

The biggest problem with laundry is the lack of storage space. The laundry also becomes the free-for-all for general cleaning and storage. It’s great if the space and storage is available, but not every home has an expansive room with wall-to-wall bench space and all the storage in the world. Apartments and small homes may be reduced to the European laundry of a cupboard, bi-folds or doors that open into the wall cavity. European laundries can also be located in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom or an alcove under the stairs.

Laundry baskets, ironing boards, the iron, laundry liquid bottles of detergents, fabric softener, stain remover, that expensive wool wash mingle easily with sponges, chux, drying racks, mop and bucket and broom and dustpan and brush. Add piles of mismatched socks and a mish-mash of clothes, and you’re in clutter central.

Keeping our laundry area – whether ample or snug – clear of laundry clutter will make the repetition of wash rinse and repeat easier to cope with. Laundering our clothes is difficult enough as it is. An efficient room encourages efficient laundry so the repetitive task becomes less of a chore.

Having an empty laundry basket is the best 5 seconds of the week


Top 7 tips to declutter the laundry

Embrace our hacks for laundry serenity

1. Declutter and sort

Open drawers and cupboards and start sorting items to Keep and put away, Donate or Throw out or repurpose.

2. Clear and wipe down surfaces

Clear the surfaces of the washing machine and dryer and the basin. Wipe surfaces down and give everything a good dust off and clean over.

3. Freshen laundry baskets

With all the bacteria that can gather from dirty clothing, this is the perfect opportunity to clean and sanitise plastic, cloth or cane laundry baskets. 

4. Map out and maximise the space

Designate areas for specific functions such as laundry baskets, a container to house the laundry and cleaning supplies and cloths, the ironing board and iron, broom and dustpan and brush and drying racks. 

5. Storage solutions to the rescue with baskets and caddies

Organise cleaning materials using baskets and caddies. Check and restock laundry supplies such as detergents, fabric softeners and stain remover. Wipe away excess liquids from the outside of bottles and throw out any empties. For next level organisation, use labels and organisers.

6. A load of washing a day keeps the laundry at bay

We know – laundry is an endless chore. Embrace the daily wash routine and incorporate a small task into your daily routine to make laundry more manageable rather than facing a laundry avalanche. Create a laundry schedule  and dump dirty clothes directly into the laundry baskets then allocate 15 minutes each morning to start a load of laundry. Future you will thank you.

7. Monthly maintenance blitz

Allocate time each month for short, efficient decluttering sessions to maintain a streamlined space. Sort through shelves, cabinets and baskets for an inventory check. Are detergents running low? Can you sort unused items? Can you throw or repurpose any items? 


The laundry: sorting our life one load at a time

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