The 3-step system to organised cords, leads, cables and chargers

Written by Team SM

May 31, 2024


Cords, leads, cables and chargers are a way of modern life. Think of all the devices we need to use on the daily: computers, laptops, tablets, phones and smart watches, appliances, lamps – even the TV area itself with smart tvs, surround sound. And all of the extensions powering up these devices and equipment  have a mind of their own, tangling themselves up into intricate knots in a permanent wrestling competition. It’s like cords and leads are designed to get caught on everything. 

The frustration is real. From USB cords to manuals, chargers and accessories for devices, headphones and equipment, the mass of leads and cords is a tangled jungle. Cords loop and knot around each other – it even looks artistic. Chargers with different plugs are intertwined so it’s impossible to distinguish one from the other. Cables are tightly coiled while others are stretched out in wild, unpredictable angles. It’s a knot of electronic accessories, where extracting a single cord without disturbing the rest is an impossible feat. Then add the dust settled into the crevices and the entire mess mocks any attempts at untangling it.

Disorganised electrical cables

are unsafe and increase the risk of accidental injuries with tripping and falling
attracts dust with a cluttered appearance
can decrease longevity of use
waste time
creates frustration 

The wise take a knife, cut the cord and free themselves from the fools – Kate Spencer

A simple system restores and maintains order to cords, leads, cables and chargers for neat storage. This also makes it quick and easy to find what’s needed without searching too hard and distangling anything for a functional space, leading to saving on time and energy while reducing our frustrations.

It’s easy to restore order to your cords and cables with little effort for a user-friendly, efficient, safe and clutter-free area. Use this handy 3-step system to transform your cable chaos into a well-connected space.

Connection is why we’re here. It gives meaning and purpose to our lives – Brene Brown


The 3-step system to organised cords, leads, cables and chargers

1. Collect and gather

Collect Clear Sandwich Bags and Dual Compartment and Divided Bins for storage purposes.

Grab Power Boards – if they have multi uses including USB chargers, all the better.

Gather every cord, lead, cable, charger, manual and technological accessory from around the house.

2. Sort and bag

Allocate Bins and Power Boards to areas or rooms. These will look neat and tidy on a counter, shelf or to the side of the room.
Separate the cords, leads, cables and chargers into piles to Sort, Toss or Donate/ Repurpose

Sort each cord, charger and manual into clear sandwich bags. Include the manuals in the same bag for easy identification and use.

Group accessories such as wireless headphone pieces or Fitbit bands into their own clear bags.

Recycle outdated or unused cords, cables, devices and accessories no longer working in the electronic ewaste bin, such as Officeworks.

Have a surplus of devices and equipment in good working condition? Donate, sell or give away and reduce the clutter.

3. Organise

Arrange the clear bag in the divided sections of the bin. Assign each section a category, such as Audio Equipment, Lifestyle, Equipment or Miscellaneous.

Use Power Boards in highly connected areas, organising cords and leads by binding them with ties to keep them neat – Velcro Ties are ideal.

Set up device connection stations in high traffic rooms for you and your guests to easily power up  to.

For maximum performance and longevity of your cables, keep them arranged neatly. Here’s a handy video How to Wrap Cables and Cords |



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