Top 10 tips for drawer organisation

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November 24, 2023

Everything deserves a place and everything deserves a home. Drawers are great for stashing anything – from pens to keys, makeup, toiletries, cords, knives, utensils, devices, shirts, socks – so many things drawers can hold. But when our drawers get out of control, life gets a little difficult.

In their article “How much time do we spend searching for things around the home?” which you can read >here, Ikea notes we spend almost 5,000 hours of our lives looking for things around the home. How awesome would it be to find things easily and quickly? And it starts with the little things – our household drawers. Here are clever ideas to keep your drawers tidy – and never spend another 5,000 hours trying to find things again.

“We dream of having a clean house, but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?” – Marcus Buckingham

How to organise your drawers

🌟 Drawers should be less cluttered, easy to use and safe, so we can easily store and find things
When it comes to drawer organisation, maximum outcome can be achieved with minimum effort
Put a system in place to transform your junk drawer into a functioning “bits and pieces” area
Schedule in sorting and decluttering a drawer a week or a month to get satisfying results.


Take out everything from the drawer. Dust and clean inside and outside the draw to prepare for storing your items once more. This is also the perfect time to line your drawers with beautiful paper as well.


Lay all the items in front of you to see what you have. Separate them into piles of what you can keep, throw away, repurpose or donate – or even, what can be put elsewhere. Just don’t overstuff drawers with folded bulky items – file them folded instead. Avoid rolling items and line drawers with non-skid grip mats.


This is all about your lifestyle convenience. If you’re at your office desk and need a pen, keep your pencil case close by. If you’re in the kitchen and need a peeler, your peeler will be more convenient in the cutlery drawer rather than your bathroom one. Divide items into categories that match the area they are used in.

Set up an organisation method

Set your drawers up in a way that is simple and convenient to you. Order is key: Invest in clear jars, containers and stackable mesh or bamboo utensil trays, boxes, drawer organisers, dividers, bins, baskets and drawer separators with multi-section inserts and labels for the ultimate in compartmentalising.

Don’t neglect your nightstand

A tidy nightstand promotes better sleep by reducing visual distractions and allowing you to focus on the essentials, like a good book, a soothing glass of water, or your favourite bedside lamp. Additionally, it simplifies your morning routine, making it easier to find what you need to start the day.

Beautify the bathroom

Beautifying the bathroom is a wonderful way to transform a functional space into a soothing and elegant oasis. Adding soft, plush towels and stylish storage solutions makes it aesthetic and organised. Including potted plants or tasteful artwork can breathe life and personality into the room, making it feel welcoming and inviting.

Keep it small

Bulky items such as huge bath towels or clunky kitchen tools take up a lot of space from inside a drawer. Keep the small stuff for drawers while looking for alternatives for storing big things such as in the closet, wardrobe, cupboards or under the bed.

Drawer organisers are really handy

Drawer organisers are great for compartmentalising and optimising drawer space. Drawer organisers help divide your drawer space equally while keeping small or easily tangled items together. Repurpose small trays, boxes, cartons and tins as drawer trays and dividers for great drawer organisation.

Declutter drawers every 3 months

Decluttering drawers every 3 months is a smart and efficient habit that can help maintain an organised and stress-free living space. By doing this quarterly, you prevent clutter from becoming overwhelming, and it becomes a manageable task that contributes to a more streamlined and harmonious living environment.


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak” – Hans Hofmann

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Happy drawer organisation
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