Why declutter your home to sell

Written by Team SM

September 23, 2023

Made the decision to sell your home?

Your house is the stage for potential buyers to imagine their new life in. And to set the stage, the excess stuff can’t be swept under the rug – it needs to vanish. This goes for your collection of tea cups and quirky mugs, Star Wars posters and that arty picture from Paint & Sip.

❌ Clutter means little storage space
No space devalues the property price
Too much stuff means too much to pack
❌ It’s cheaper to clean and declutter than it is to renovate

Never underestimate the buying powers of a clean room. Giving the place a refresh and stripping back to a blank canvas adds significant value to the selling price. Making a home feel calm, open, and inviting makes it easier for buyers to see the potential and envision themselves living there. Decluttering first makes a home appealing while appearing more spacious – and there’s less stress with less stuff during the selling process.

Declutter your house for sale to
🌟 free up space
🌟 add appeal to buyers
🌟 add value to the selling price, and
🌟 pack and move – without the stress

Remember: You are not selling your home. You are selling your house.

Your handy declutter-your-home-for-sale checklist

✅ Emotionally prepare

It’s time to break up with your stuff.  Bid farewell to items you no longer need, don’t use or can put into storage.

✅ Depersonalise

Take down family photos, wedding snaps and your kid’s Picasso paintings on the fridge. It’s hard to imagine yourself in your new home when another family is staring from a frame at you.

✅ Complete any repairs

Get a handyman or DIY and look at

peeling paint
dirty walls – especially door frames and light switches
leaky taps
squeaky doors, floors or stairs
mould in kitchens or bathrooms
build-up on kitchen and bathroom fittings
broken lightbulbs

✅ Redecorate

Don’t be afraid to pick up a paint brush for a refresh or invest in neutral decor for maximum appeal 

✅ Clear shelves

Get rid of knick knacks, declutter tattered books and magazines Take this opportunity to organise cupboards. Buyers want to inspect wardrobes, linen cupboards and storage areas during open homes, so clear out and style untidy cupboards. If cupboard space is limited, overstuffed cupboards will highlight this. Remove unnecessary items instead.

✅ Start packing

The goal is to create space so buyers feel like the house is a blank canvas that can belong to them. Besides, every square metre counts.

✅ Spruce up the living areas

Swap quirky ornamentation with chic, neutral decor. Edit the furniture: the less possessions, the more space.

✅ Invest in plants

This goes for inside and out. Green plants give out a welcoming refreshing energy so position them where possible to brighten up the place.

✅ Clear the front entrance of clutter

Keep it minimal. Some plant pots and a clear path to the front of your house heavily lends to your buyers first impressions.

✅ Get down and dirty with the garden

Mow the lawn, weed the garden, trim borders, cut back on overgrown trees or bushes, spruce up the flower beds and get mulching.

✅ Let the house be the star of the show

You’re selling a house, not your memories or unique ornaments.


Who has time for clutter? It’s not just a hassle: clutter affects property value as well

A cluttered home makes it difficult for buyers to see the property’s potential. Don’t let clutter and disorganisation cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Declutter and free up space for your clients to get market-ready for online listing photos, open homes and the sale. 

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