This is an Agreement between you and your Professional Organiser facilitated by Space Managers PTY LTD 33 664 025 343 where you seek to engage the Professional Organiser to perform professional organising services on the address listed and you do so through the website or any of its associated products or Services provided by Space Managers. This Agreement applies until the completion of the Services as agreed upon before the commencement of this Agreement.

1. Terms
Please read these terms and conditions (the Terms) carefully. By using, browsing and/or reading the Website, this signifies you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms, you must cease usage of the Website, or any of its products or Services immediately.

Space Managers reserves the right to review and change any of the Terms by updating this page at its own discretion. Any changes to the Terms take immediate effect from the date of their publication.

Welcome to the website (the Website).

The Website facilitates interactions between

The Professional Organiser

to locate, communicate and complete services including fees, arranging payments and delivering services in a fast and secure manner (the Services).

Access to and use of the website or any of its associated products or services is provided by Space Managers. As the facilitator for your Professional Organiser, we are not in any way liable for any works performed by the Professional Organiser.

2. Date of agreement
This Agreement commences from today’s date.

3. Confidentiality
All information received is confidential. We agree not to remove confidential information without consent and we will not disclose any information confidential to you. Any written action plans provided by Space Managers remain confidential and are not to be used or disclosed without your consent.

4. Fees and payment terms
These Terms apply to the pricing for the Service described on the Quote, the Agreement and/or confirmation email provided to you.
Fees must be paid before the Professional Organiser carries out the work described under the Services.
Your sessions with your Professional Organiser are required to be planned and booked in advance.
To secure your booking, a deposit of $105 is required to confirm your session.
The balance of your payment, including reimbursement of goods purchased, may be due prior to our session unless otherwise agreed.
You acknowledge if the invoice goes past thirty (30) days overdue, the debt will be forwarded to a debt collection agency and/or lawyers. You agree to be responsible for all debt collection and/or legal fees that we incur in recovering the debt from you. You agree you will be charged interest at the statutory rate on unpaid debts.

Cancellation & Refund Policy available here.

By Space Managers offering the Service to you, you agree to all payments in the course of your use of the Services are made using St George Payway via Direct Debit, Mastercard, Visa or Paypal where you agree you are liable for extra charges associated with that transaction.

In using the Website, the Services or when making payments in any relation to your use of the Services, you warrant that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the St George Payway terms and conditions which are available on their website here>

5. Services
You may not use the Services and accept the Terms if you are

  • not of legal age to form a binding contract with Space Managers, or 
  • not legally authorised to do so

Services are conducted in the presence of you/property owner unless written authorisation is provided by the you/property owner granting the Professional Organiser and Space Managers access to the premises.

Space Managers provides the Service to meet your organising needs as described in our Discovery session, Quote, the Agreement and/or confirmation email provided to you.
The success of the Services can only be achieved with your cooperation, and we are not responsible for needs or expectations not being met where you do not cooperate with us.

5.1 Discovery session
Before the Service commences with you, a Discovery session is required where we will

  • Ask about your goals and challenges and assess your preparation
  • Ask you to show us around your home or the property
  • Conduct an assessment on your home or the property, recording notes and photos for record-keeping purposes only
  • Explain our Agreement, and other relevant operational information
  • Allow you to ask questions about the process and your Professional Organiser’s experience so you understand what to expect
  • Discuss the frequency of appointments
  • One or more Professional Organisers may attend this Discovery session
  • Once we choose to work together and you become our client, you will be invoiced for the time, travel and the Service required to complete our Agreement according to our Fees and Payment Terms.

5.2 The Professional Organiser will perform all work necessary, as specified in the Discovery session, Quote, the Agreement and/or confirmation email provided to you. 

5.3 The Service provided is determined according to your needs.

Sessions with your Professional Organiser are required to be planned and booked in advance.

Virtual sessions are a minimum of one (1) hour.

Onsite sessions are a minimum of three (3) hours.

Onsite sessions 40 kms outside of Rosebud (Postcode 3939) are a minimum of four (4) hours and travel fees may apply.

The scope and complexity of the Services will indicate the number of Professional Organisers required to successfully complete the Service.

Materials and equipment purchased to complete the Services will be invoiced, including but not limited to packing materials, boxes or storage solutions purchased on your behalf upon your approval in writing.

Your Professional Organiser is available outside of normal working areas (9am -5pm) Monday to Friday, and may require negotiation with Space Managers where we will do our best to accommodate you. Additional fees will apply for weekends and public holidays.

Removal of Items for donation: The Client is responsible for clearly identifying and notifying Space Managers of items intended for donation. Donated items may include, but are not limited to, furniture, clothing, household items, and electronics. Space Managers reserves the right to refuse the removal of items that do not meet the acceptance criteria or pose a hazard during removal. While Space Managers will exercise care in handling donated items, Space Managers is not liable for any damage, loss or theft of items during the removal and donation process. Once items have been removed from the Client’s home as part of the agreed-upon services, the removal is considered final and irrevocable.

 6. Consumer complaints procedures
We encourage friendly discussion in the first steps to resolving any issues or concerns.

In the event of any controversy or claim arising out of, or relating to Services, either party must give written notice of the dispute to the other party.

Your complaint or feedback will be responded to in writing within five (5) business days.

7. Governing law
The Terms are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. Any dispute, controversy, proceeding or claim or whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to the Terms and the rights, created hereby shall be governed, interpreted, and construed by, under and pursuant to the laws of Victoria, Australia without reference to conflict of law principles, notwithstanding mandatory rules. The validity of this governing law clause is not contested. The Terms shall be binding to the benefit of the parties hereto and their successors and assigns.

8. Electronic signatures
The parties agree they have the right to execute this Agreement through electronic signature technology pursuant to the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth). The parties agree to the extent they sign electronically, their electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent to their handwritten signature. If you would like a paper copy of this Agreement, a copy may be requested from Space Managers.

9. Rescheduling
Rescheduling of sessions is subject to availability.

10. Workplace health and occupational safety
By signing this agreement, you are responsible for the property and the area involved in the Service. You are responsible for the safety of your Professional Organiser and representatives of Space Managers attending your premises. Should your Professional Organiser become injured due to these risks or hazards while performing the Services on your premises, you are liable for any injury caused, any loss or damage whilst on your premises with full compensation regarding this.

11. Disclaimer of liability to third parties
Your privacy is taken seriously and will never be disclosed to a third party unless it is required by law, for goods or services when processing payments or to protect our copyright, trademarks and other legal rights. Privacy policy is found >here.

12. Liabilities and damages
While time and care is taken so your property and possessions are not damaged in the provision of our Services, your Professional Organiser holds Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance in the event accidental damage occurs.

You agree to indemnify Space Managers, its employees, contractors and representatives against all legal claims from circumstances that are outside the Professional Organiser’s control.

You agree to indemnify Space Managers, its employees, contractors and representatives even though it may be required to work in your private residence, with your possessions or where there are children or pets present.

The indemnity does not apply to any claim caused by the Professional Organiser’s negligence or a breach of this Agreement.

We live by the statement “Reclaim your space and time. Feel happy again”. You understand and agree you will contact us immediately if you are not happy with the Services provided by Space Managers so we can resolve this for you.

Marion Thomas
0414 824 781

13. Declaration
By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge you have read, acknowledge, understand and agree to the Terms as stated here and you are the authorised person to do so. You also acknowledge I have freely chosen to engage the Professional Organiser and read the terms and any documents accompanying this Agreement and understand the roles and responsibilities of Space Managers, you or legal representative for you, and your Professional Organiser.