5 ways to transform your outdoors for Summer

Written by SM Team

December 8, 2023


The one area in the home that deserves all the TLC is your outdoors. As the best place to hang out when you have guests or a sanctuary to escape to, set the mood right and your outdoor area can be an oasis of pure calmness and joy.


Frequently out of sight and out of mind, our outdoors area is subjected to the elements and it’s easy to become a dilapidated patio with faded paint on the walls, broken outdoor chairs, no pretty outdoor lights and leaves and weeds strewn across the path.


As our outdoor areas offers a place to escape or take some time out in the fresh air, sitting there for a few minutes can rejuvenate and recharge us. Our outdoor space can be a captivating summer staycation retreat – it’s easy to transform our space into one a haven that seamlessly blends comfort, style and nature. In Summer, it’s all about bringing the indoors, out. 


Run in the fields, roll in the grass, dance in the rain and smile at the sun


5 ways to transform your outdoors for Summer


Set the Mediterranean mood

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean mood with a timeless canvas where nature, culture, and history converge in a sensory symphony. We picture azure waters against rugged coastlines invite relaxation, while sun-drenched landscapes with olive groves. Create your own rich summer lifestyle where the spirit of the Mediterranean comes alive surrounded by warm woods, pops of yellow with inviting dark green or cool blue decor for that cool-olive-garden-by-the-ocean feel.

Setup coastal alfresco dining

Here’s to crafting coastal bliss without leaving home. Create a summer staycation oasis with coastal alfresco dining in the outdoor. A sun-kissed terrace overlooking the shimmering ocean with rustic wooden tables and nautical-themed accents present an inviting atmosphere. Dining in the open area with the sound of waves (find some sounds on Youtube if you’re not lucky enough to live near the ocean) transforms your space into a seaside paradise. 

A perfect perch for a perfect patio

Creating a personal sanctuary in your outdoor area involves the perfect perch, such as a cosy lounge chair or bean bags. Weather-resistant furniture adds a comforting aesthetic and  also transforms your space into an extension of your home ideal for solitude or social gatherings. Your comfy seating allows you and your guests (when invited) to unwind for a pleasurable curated escape.

A tiny staycation of zen and peace

Crafting a serene outdoor haven for a summer staycation involves comfortable furniture such as recliners and hammocks. Comfort with soft, weather-resistant cushions and throws in calming colours, and potted plants and fragrant flowers boost the zen feelings. Wind chimes or a gentle fountain finishes off the perfect  secluded retreat.

Barefoot in style

Your outdoor space can be transofmred into a stylish summer staycation haven with smooth tiles or soft grass for the luxurious barefoot experience. Chic, durable outdoor rugs and weather-appropriate furniture such as lounge chairs or hammocks really connect with nature. Decorative footstools or low tables encourage blending comfort with style  and barefoot accessibility for an effortlessly sophisticated outdoor experience.


Let’s wander where the wifi is weak 

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