Clever pantry storage ideas

Written by SM Team

November 8, 2023


Open boxes of pasta. Rice packets spilled into the cupboard. Sauce bottles here and there. Is that flour or sugar?

An organised pantry is at the heart of an efficient kitchen. With more space, your kitchen feels larger and cleaner – and a joy to use. Meal prep, cooking , and even cleaning can be done more efficiently, freeing up your time to do all the things you love.

When the canned goods, cereal boxes, snack pouches and miscellaneous baking ingredients are organised, life is good. But a good pantry needs great containers – to contain all those messy, floury, dusty ingredients. You need a great pantry organisation system to see what items you have at a glance. You’ll be able to track your ingredients so you’re not doubling up on items – simply because you forgot you already have one at home. A good system allows you to keep track of expiration dates, so you’re not wasting the food you’ve bought. Great pantry organisation solutions guarantee a functional, attractive and enjoyable kitchen. Welcome to our top 10 clever storage ideas for your pantry.


“If you can’t feed 100 people, feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

The best kind of storage

Choose transparent food storage containers to identify contents at a glance
Keep containers uniform in size for easy stacking
Invest in food storage containers with easy to open airtight lids
Label storage containers to easily find what you need

Pantry food containers you need in your life

Clear deep drawers

Clear deep drawers – such as acrylic or glass – are both practical and aesthetically pleasing for organised storage. Their transparency allows easy content visibility without opening so they’re versatile while keeping you organised and the pantry pretty.

Kmart’s Clear Deep Drawers love the bottom shelf of your pantry – which you can find >here.

Over the pantry door basket organiser

Over-the-pantry-door organisers are amazingly versatile space savers for the kitchen that come with shelves, pockets and hooks for convenient storage

Only Kmart’s Over the Door Basket Organiser can cleverly utilise behind your pantry door to transform it into extra space – which you can view >here.

Mesh shelves

A mesh pantry shelf is the go-to for optimising kitchen organisation. They help with food freshness while accommodating staples all in one to streamline access and add a modern touch.


Kmart’s Mesh Large Shelf is life changing from your middle shelf – which you can view >here.


Wire under shelf basket

Wire under shelf basket

Attached under shelves, these wire baskets expand pantry storage and double your capacity for canned goods, spices and utensils. When you slip these baskets on each pantry shelf, you’ll still be able to use the space between the shelves. 


Not very pretty to look at but wondrous to behold, Kmart’s Wire Under Shelf Basket is an Aussie fundamental – which you can check >here.

Bamboo lid food storage set

With a blend of sustainability and style, bamboo containers offer an airtight seal with a natural look. Available in every size under the sun, they also promote sustainability while reducing plastic. Acrylic transparent bamboo storage sets are pantry perfect, as you can spot the items you need almost immediately – even if the containers have no labels.



Kmart’s Bamboo Lid Food Storage Set knows how to store your pasta and nuts, which you can view >here.


Dry food storage set

With a range of container sizes, dry food storage sets are ideal for keeping your pantry clutter-free and pretty to look at. They are the most ideal of great pantry storage units.


The Kmart Dry Food Storage Set is an Aussie staple: are you even an Aussie if you don’t have one in your cupboard? View >here.



“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Amanda Brooks

When the pantry is organised, life is good. Get your pantry, wardrobe, cupboard – and any other busy areas in your home – decluttered and organised with Space Managers.

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