Top organising hacks for your workspace desk

Written by Team SM

April 24, 2024


The desk drawer overflowing with scattered permanent markers, pens, paperclips, erasers and rubber bands. Papers and post-it note pads strewn alongside envelopes, printer cartridges, scissors and even more pens. Another drawer cascading with more paper clips. And more pens and pencils. Piles of books and documents across the desk top. A cluttered desk can be never ending. Keeping your desk organised goes beyond just making it look nice – it’s a strategic advantage.

A cluttered and disorganised desk has a profound impact on work productivity and mental clarity. When our workspace is in disarray, it’s
❌ difficult to focus, and
❌ find what you need


A good system shortens the road to the goal – Orison Swett Marden

✅ An organised desk

  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts productivity and performance
  • Allows focus for important tasks
  • Encourages the flow state zone to foster creativity
  • Saves time

An organised work environment reflects your professionalism and work ethic to demonstrate your commitment towards meeting your goals

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned – Benjamin Franklin


Top organising hacks for workspace harmony

Simplify your office life with all the tips to organise your desk and stationery for a stress-free workspace.

The right space
  • The cornerstone of office organisation lies in choosing the right workstation for you – you need a desk that complements your work needs with ample storage without overwhelming the room

  • A minimalist style looks sleek and professional, leaving a good impression on anyone who sees your workspace – especially you. Add your own touches using your favourite colours to create a theme for your workspace. Feeling comfortable in your environment helps you relax and work more efficiently. Knowing your space is organised and clean adds an extra layer of comfort and satisfaction.
Drawer deliberation

Maximise the potential of your desk drawer with strategic organisation:

  • DIY cardboard partitions create designated compartments for various supplies, preventing them from mingling and getting messy

  • Small cardboard boxes work great for separating paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands and erasers.
Look for great storage
  • Storage containers from Office Works and Kmart are great – especially during Sales season

  • Simple bathroom containers are great to hold pens and documents. Acrylic organisers are stylish and functional where their clear design makes it easy to see your stationery. Repurposed plastic containers are great for workspace storage as well. If you can, add shelves

    – Mason jars are excellent pencil holders
    – Clear shoe organisers are great for storing documents
    – Shoes boxes are perfect stationery and office essentials
    – Small cardboard boxes find new life as homes for rubber bands and tiny supplies


Categorise and sort your stationary

Streamline your stationery by categorising items based on their frequency of use. 

  • Start by laying out all your stationery in front of you

  • Decide what to keep and what to pass on or toss. Rearrange in a cutlery holder in the drawer for easy organised storage

  • Group them according to how often they’re needed and encourage tidiness and easy access. Try this:
    Essentials – such as pens, pencils, post-it notes, notebook for the everyday
    Tools – Journal or diary, Destress mister, Inspirational books to refer to
    Special Supplies – for those special tasks or projects
    Random – for the things you never know you might need one day

  • Neatly arrange around your workspace, prioritised by proximity.


Have a bulletin board

Hanging a bulletin board near your workstation helps you stay organised managing daily schedules and tasks.

  • Pin important reminders and decorate it with photos as a reminder why you work.
  • Choose a board that adds functionality and personality to your workspace.

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk mean?

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