Master organising your fridge

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May 3, 2024


As is the hub of any kitchen, the bustling refrigerator can be visited multiple times within an hour alone. So without the proper organisation, the home’s busiest appliance can quickly descend into chaos with

❌ expired items
❌ forgotten leftovers and
haphazardly arranged groceries making it challenging to find what you need – or even store.

Fridge: a perfect example of what truly matters is on the inside

It’s super easy to restore order to your fridge and streamline your kitchen routine with little effort for a clutter-free fridge and optimised kitchen experience. Explore these handy tips to transform your fridge from chilled chaos into a well-ordered space.


How to master organising your fridge

Start fresh

A clean slate is essential for effective organisation so start with emptying your fridge and checking expiration dates while sorting items into categories


Sort groceries into categories such as fruits, vegetables, condiments and dairy to make it easier to locate items and identify what needs restocking. Set up an “Eat First” Section to reduce food waste designating a specific area in your fridge for perishable items that need to be eaten first

Invest in storage and containers

Get into food storage containers to maximise space. Go for uniform containers for a cohesive look. Ditch store-bought packaging and transfer snacks and other items from bulky packaging to clear containers for better visibility and reduced clutter. If your fridge lacks drawers, consider adding stackable acrylic containers for additional storage space. Customise shelf heights bu adjusting shelf heights to accommodate tall items such as beverages to optimise storage efficiency. Optimise door storage with condiments. Avoid storing temperature-sensitive items such as milk if possible.

Segment drawer space and use drawer dividers to prevent produce from rolling around while keeping items separated and organised.

Use stackable bins for maximising shelf space and categorising items such as cheeses, meats, and snacks.

Lazy Susans are excellent for storing condiments and sauces, making them easily accessible with a simple spin and a Decorative Basket can store items for tonight’s dinner or high-priority items for a touch of style to your fridge.

Prep and organise

Prep groceries before storing by washing and chop[ing fruits and vegetables before storing them This makes meal prep convenient.

Organise eggs in a dedicated egg holder to keep track of inventory while maintaining a tidy appearance.

Preserve fresh herbs and extend their shelf life, storing them in water-filled glass jars.

Maintain regular cleaning

Schedule quarterly cleanings to discard expired items, wipe down shelves and drawers, and reorganise as needed to keep your fridge clutter-free.


If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.

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