How to clean and organise your backyard

Written by Team SM

March 20, 2024


Need to clean and organise your backyard? Backyards are the best. As an extension to your home, they’re the ideal place to relax, hang out and entertain family and friends, soak up the sunshine and enjoy fresh air to boost your Vitamin D levels.

Harvard Health Publishing write in their article here> Spending time outdoors is good for you has numerous health benefits, including improved mental and physical well-being.

However, maintaining a clean and tidy backyard can be challenging. It’s a wide open space that can easily accumulate garden clutter, toys and furniture. Backyards are almost like the extension of the garage and becomes a dumping ground: messy lawns, overgrown grass, left out garden tools, old broken cars and toys, and generally scattered junk.


Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions – Barbara Hemphill

Maintaining your backyard enhances your home’s appearance and creates a welcoming environment for your family and guests. A well-kept backyard means more opportunity for enjoying the outdoor and entertaining in a sanctuary of relaxation and peace. 

A bit of organisation goes a long way: schedule in a monthly routine of clearing up the backyard. Adding it to your diary as an early weekend more chore gets it over and done with quickly and efficiently, leaving a clean, organised backyard to enjoy and love and the weekend ahead of you to live. 


How to clean and organise your backyard


Prepare to tackle problem areas

Go over areas with overgrown bushes, debris and other neglected spots. Gather all the necessary tools and start cleaning up with a careful plan of disposal.

It's a lot? Contact a rubbish removal company

Is it too much? Seek professional assistance for safe and thorough removals. Professionals will follow safety protocols and offer eco-friendly disposal options for sustainability – and save you all the anxiety and hard work.

Free up room for space

Utilise the garage or shed storage to house backyard clutter such as garden tools, toys or sports gear. Organise the garage or shed with containers and racks for easy access and optimal space utilisation.

Clean and transform your garden

Remove weeds, trim shrubs and dispose of debris. Use organic mulch to boost garden health and suppress weed growth.

Garden clean checklist

✅ Wear gloves and pull out weeds, moistening soil if needed.

✅ Trim dead leaves and branches with garden shears.

✅ Prune dead branches on shrub trees and shape them.

✅ Rake up debris and dispose of it in trash bags.

✅ Check for missed areas and tidy up promptly. Tend plant beds after overall cleanup.

Trim your yard

Regular mowing promotes lawn health and aesthetics, so maintain a moderate grass height to prevent soil exposure and encourage healthy growth.

Mowing lawn checklist

✅ Avoid cutting grass too short to prevent soil exposure, weed growth and sun damage.

✅ Mow when the lawn is dry for optimal results.

✅ Use a sharp mower blade for clean cuts and healthier grass.

✅ Mow in shady or cool conditions to reduce water loss.

✅ Test mower height on a small area before mowing the entire lawn.

Keep your outdoor area clear

Use environmentally-friendly products to preserve the aesthetics of your backyard and minimise ecological impact on mother earth. Organise the outdoor area so regardless of the weather or if you’re not using it, your backayard still looks tidy and organised.  


Don’t be afraid to challenge the pros, even in their own backyard – Colin Powell

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