5 ways to declutter your glassware

Written by Team SM

February 28, 2024


The kitchen serves as the very heart of the home. The kitchen is the very beginning where family, friends, food and drink begins.

From the pantry to the fridge, stove, sink and cupboards, a messy kitchen complicates cooking and entertaining is stressful – and this isn’t fair. We deserve to eat and entertain in peace. Effectively organising our kitchen and the cupboards will keep meals a breeze and getting out the cheese platter for guests a pleasure.

Essentially, good kitchen organisation comes down to
✅ Maximising your shelves
✅ Plenty of storage containers, and
✅ Planning zones and areas

Something as simple and easy as organising your glassware can play a big part in bringing this sense of peace and home.


Happiness is between too little and too much – Finnish Proverb


When your glassware cabinet is cluttered, it’s a big mess. Glasses all over the place, stacked weirdly with some leaning like the Tower of Pisa, all one glass away from smashing onto the floor. In this state, it’s difficult to separate the wine glasses from the champagne – which can be really annoying amiright?

When everything is in order, getting ready for guests or just enjoying a quiet lemon-lime-and-bitters moment is simple and stress-free. You know where everything is, saving time and reducing frustration. Follow our tips to make your kitchen a happier place to be.


5 ways to declutter your glassware


1. Eliminate mismatched pieces

Say goodbye to damaged glasses cluttering your cabinets.

Keep your cabinet tidy by grouping similar glasses together.

If a glass doesn’t serve a purpose, consider donating it.

2. Consider donating sets with missing pieces

Assess your glassware collection and consider donating incomplete sets.

Replace them with complete sets to ensure you’re always ready without the hassle of searching for missing pieces.

3. Store sets together

Keep all your glasses together in sets based on their type – such as cocktail glasses or water tumblers.

This makes it easy to find what you need when you want it.

You’ll stay organised, knowing your glasses are ready for every occasion.

4. Avoid stacking

Prevent chipping and breakage by refraining from stacking glasses.

Stacked glasses are prone to accidents and can make accessing your cabinets difficult.

5. Keep the glassware you need

Avoid overcrowding your cabinets with excess glasses- keep only what you genuinely need and use regularly.

Do you really need all those glasses? Too many glasses means too much stuff.

We’ve created the perfect formula to help you decide how many coffee cups you need in your household:

Number of people in your household =
4 x number of glasses they use in a day =
2 + number of times a day washing dishes = 2
= Base number of glasses for regular use.

4×2 = 8 + 2 = 10 glasses

Special note: This does not include the few extras for entertaining or guests—because we all need special cups for those special moments.


Cleaning and organising is a practice not a project – Meagan Francis

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