Top 4 tips to organise Tupperware

Written by SM Team

December 6, 2023


Tupperware is undeniably magical. The iconic food storage and serving ware helps get your home and entertaining plans in order, giving you more time enjoying the celebration moments.


But surely Tupperware has a mind of its own. Because when we think Tupperware, we also think instant plastic food storage chaos. Lids never sit still with containers higgledy piggledy all over and inside each other. How many times have you taken inventory of your plasticware collection and found 17 containers and 2 lids?

Some issues stay fresh every time you open them up. It’s like evil magical Tupperware – it stays fresh forever – Laurell K Hamilton

We are constantly tidying, organising and going through our plasticware. All the broken pieces, lonely pieces, the stinky, old pieces. Tupperware serves well, but we do love abusing and using our plastic containers. How many do you actually need? Extra plasticware is great, but extra extras might be Tupperware-too-much.


Once we’ve decluttered, donated and repurposed or thrown away the unnecessary plasticware, keeping it organised is the next feat with this instant chaos maker. Managing to keep our Tupperware collection in order is like never losing a sock in the laundry: a miracle.

That miracle is possible, with these top hacks keeping Tupperware organised and clutter-free.

Top 4 tips to organise Tupperware


Think vertical and stack

Don’t worry about storing containers with their lids on as they take up too much space. Stack containers inside each other vertically, arranging lids by size, separately, to keep everything easy to locate.

Use baskets and bins

Finding the right baskets and bins to fit in your cabinet or cupboard means storing containers and lids is really easy. 

Organise lids

Lids can be easily organised. Separate them from their container body, and arrange according to size. Vertically stack them into another container or other great options, like a lid organiser, a magazine rack or repurpose a cereal box.  

Love dividers

Invest in drawer dividers to keep your lids and containers in place and under control.


Tupperware: plastic with attitude

Decluttering our Tupperware pro creates an organised space to boost creativity, concentration and tranquility. Need help with managing your home? Book a FREE 20-minute Discovery session >here to organise your home – and topple the Tupperware overwhelm. 

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