How to style your home to sell like a pro

Written by Team SM

September 24, 2023

Staging dining areas

So, you’ve decided to sell your home. Congratulations are definitely in order.

Your house is now the stage for potential buyers to imagine their new life in. And to set the stage, property styling and home staging will significantly increase your chances of the highest-possible sale price.

❌ Clutter means little storage space
❌ No space devalues the property price
❌ Too much stuff means too much to pack
❌ It’s cheaper to clean and declutter than it is to renovate

Handy declutter-your-home-to-sell tips
⭐️ Cull callously
⭐️ Showcase living and dining spaces
⭐️ Clear the way in high traffic areas
⭐️ Beautify bedrooms
⭐️ Bare-ify bathrooms
⭐️ Maximise storage

Create clutter-free spaces for smoother property transactions

How to to declutter your home to sell

✅ Style your property for sale

Styling your property and home staging boosts your chances of fetching the highest sale price. Even if you’re not a professional stylist, you can achieve great results with some investment in new decor or repurposing and editing what you already have.

✅ Identify your target buyer

Before you dive into homewares and decor shopping, identify your target buyer. Consider if your home appeals to investors, professionals, young families, or downsizers. Tailoring your property styling to suit your target market is key to presenting your home in the best light.

If your target market is professionals, dress up the spare nook as an office. If you’re appealing to families, present it as a nursery. Scandinavian ambiance suits young families, industrial suits young buyers, while bringing the outside in will suit older buyers as basic furnishings appeal to investors.

✅ Choose the right palette

The colour scheme creates a cohesive look in your home. While neutral colours are generally recommended for staging to sell, use up to two strong hues if you prefer bold colours. Just strike that balance to avoid overwhelming your potential buyers.

Neutral is always best when styling to sell, but if you’re keen to use bold hues, limit these to two strong shades. Vast washes of colour, bright ‘pops’ or accents, a monochrome backdrop of black-and-white also works well to a broad buying audience. 

While choosing a colour scheme can be daunting, if you feel out of your depth, go all-white. While this neutral hue is overly safe, selling a home is not the time to get adventurous with colour – that blazing red feature wall or the purple curtains you love so much can be off-putting to buyers. White also gives the illusion of a larger space and brightens a home – qualities highly prized in real estate.

After settling on your colour palette, remove all superfluous furnishings that don’t fit. Less is more when it comes to decluttering and styling.

✅ Declutter for property styling

When it comes to property styling, decluttering is a golden rule. If an item doesn’t enhance the beauty or functionality of a space, hide or remove it. Decluttering creates a sense of openness and allows buyers to visualise themselves in the space.

Begin by addressing essential needs rather than focusing solely on decorative items. Utilise what you already have creatively, along with some well-chosen decor elements, to style the property effectively. Start with living and entertaining areas, then move on to other critical areas like kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

✅ Adding the finishing touches

Create inviting scenes in each room to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. Little details such as a tray with coffee cups and a magazine subconsciously adds appeal to the space.

Transform clutter into “Sold”

How to style each space

Living areas

Focus on the entrance, living, dining, and entertainment areas. Use coffee table books, fresh flowers and cushions to enhance the appeal of the space. Rugs can be a cost-effective solution to improve the appearance of your floors.


Dining areas

Keep the dining space simple and clutter-free. Opt for a clean, organised setup that showcases the seating capacity without overwhelming the space.


Maintain a clear bench, featuring luxury appliances such as a coffee machine for a touch of sophistication. A fresh fruit bowl offers a pleasing pop of colour.


Arrange the bed neatly with textured throws and matching cushions. Decorate bedside tables with books, flowers or scented candles to create an inviting ambiance.


Tidy and organise built-in wardrobes for an impression of ample space. Invest in wooden coat hangers for an elegant touch.


Keep bathroom styling simple with fresh towels, a scented candle and a potted plant. Remove unnecessary items from vanities and neatly organise essentials.


Use shelves to showcase decor aligning with your colour scheme. Experiment with arranging vases, plants, books and other homewares for an aesthetically pleasing display.

Staging your home for sale checklist

Before each open home inspection, follow this checklist to present your property in the best possible light

Before inspection day
✅ Clear personal items such as photographs
✅ Declutter and pack up unnecessary or unused belongings
✅ Deep clean the house
✅ Weed the garden and mow the lawn

Inspection day
✅ Clear all clutter
✅ Dust surfaces and vacuum floors
✅ Turn on all the lights and open curtains and blinds to showcase the space
✅ Sweep entrances and outside areas
✅ Water plants inside and out

Staging living areas
Staging plants
Staging home office

All the world is a stage

Forget renovations: a clutter-free space maintains property value and seals the deal faster.

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