Spring Summer self-care checklist

Written by SM Team

September 30, 2023


Temperatures are rising and the need to get outdoors is calling: Spring is here and Summer is coming.

As the world blooms with new life and warmth, this is the perfect time to embrace the spirit of renewal – and spring into your self-care.

Embrace the season of rejuvenation with habits that inspire and propel you towards your goals while finding the joy in the season’s simple pleasures of flowers and sunshine.

Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring – Lily Pulitzer

All the hydration

8 litres of water a day is the standard to keep your body looking and feeling its very best. Rising temps and dry air will sap the moisture from our skin, so switch to something lighter to keep your pore open and unclogged. Dive into cool waters of beaches and pools. 

Get summer-ready with facials and mani/pedis

Hydrate the skin with ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber to feel refreshed and revitalised while protecting it from stressors like dry air, UV rays and pollution.

Prepare to spread your toes in the sand, make footprints along the beach and trickle sand between glowing fingertips with buffed heels and bright splashes of colour. Never forget the sunscreen.

Get active

Take advantage of the weather and get outdoors. Walking or cycling in natural settings and trails are mood boosters significantly reducing stress and anxiety. Make sure to stretch and feel more flexible and rejuvenated – yoga is ideal to get limber and the blood flowing.

Get outside

Keep your mood vibrant with longer days and more sunshine and bask in the great outdoors – but always use sunscreen. Sit in shady spots and wear sun-protective clothing while breathing in the fresh air.

Enjoy seasonal flavours and colours

Colours of the warmer seasons have blue undertones – think of looking through a summer haze. Pink roses, blue sea, white beaches are synonymous to the warmer months, so baby blue, powder pink, seafoam green and light greys are ideal Spring and Summer colours.

The warm months means fresh flavours for new recipes with the vast array of seasonal produce lending themselves to fresh, healthy eating. Load up on fruits, dig into salads and crunchy vegetables and throw a prawn on the barbie.

Bring the inside out

Expand our living spaces into the outdoors and take your interior style outdoors to entertain, enjoy a meal or bask in nature, Love the warmer weather and squeeze every moment you can out of the season from petite patios to backyard spaces with outdoor meals or picnics, including indulgent pillows, throws – even an outside bar. Surround yourself with fresh flowers or potted plants. They guarantee brightening up your surroundings while positively impacting your mood and overall wellbeing.

Spring clean

Kickstart the season with a thorough declutter and spring clean of your living space. Clearing out clutter not only improves your physical environment but reduces anxiety and stress levels.

Practise gratitude and journal

Important all year round, practising gratitude is a healthy reminder to take stock of your life. Kickstart a gratitude journal and jot down things you’re grateful for each day. Capture your thoughts and experiences. Let the pages of your journal reflect the renewal of Spring.

Spring clean

Kickstart the season with a thorough declutter and spring clean of your living space. Clearing out clutter not only improves your physical environment but reduces anxiety and stress levels.

Make a feel-good Spotify playlist

Music is an instant spirit booster and unlocks your fun. Energetic tunes have the power to inspire happiness and wellbeing. Explore music with new tracks and revisit old ones to curate into a personalised playlist. Play your playlist during your daily stroll or as a component of your morning self-care ritual.

Refresh your wardrobe

Declutter and organise your wardrobe for the season. Clear out old unused out-of-style pieces and put Winter woolies away in storage. Rediscover what you have and consider adding new pieces to make you feel fresh.

Try a digital detox

Take a break from digital screens to unwind and disconnect. Reboot your digital life to free up space and bring order to your online experiences with our digital declutter guide.


What does a new Online You look like? It’s time to clean up your online act with all the tips to reboot your online presence: 12 steps to declutter your digital life





Do all the Spring-Summer things

Embrace all the things of Spring and Summer – pull out lemon myrtle, citrus, cherry or peach gelato for cooling flavour sensations. Head out to cricket or tennis matches. Light up sparklers at night. Head to the beach or pool. Dare to go skinny dipping. Mix refreshing mocktails and lemonades. Go bushwalking and cycling. Have a BBQ in the park. Go bush walking. Revel in iced coffee. The seasonal options are endless – just apply sunscreen.


Today is a new chance to grow

As the earth blooms with new life, embrace the warmth of Spring and Summer and nourish your soul with self-care, Spring and Summer self-care is essential for harnessing the revitalising energy of these seasons to boost physical and mental well-being for a balanced and fulfilling life. You deserve this.

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