Top tips to buy better for Boxing Day

Written by SM Team

December 15, 2023


Shop smarter and escape impulsive buys with a smart plan to conquer Boxing Day sales. Our top tips to hep you to avoid consumerism and impulsive spending.

While Boxing Day is a tradition, these massive sales events signal more feverish spending for a shopping extravaganza with staggering discounts and huge deals.

A typical Boxing Day involves hundreds of shoppers lined up at storefronts ready to storm the shops for appliances, gadgets, clothing on sale. Items can be piled all over the store with shoppers scurrying around like ants, devouring everything in their path.

If you let it, Boxing Day sales can promote
❌ impulse buys
❌ overcrowded stores
❌ long lines
❌ aggressive shoppers
❌ the pressure to buy quickly for impulsive unnecessary overspending
❌ mindless consumption
❌ excessive packaging and shipping waste


Don’t let Boxing Day Sales send you into a shopping spin. Shop smarter and escape impulsive buys with the right plan.


“Love the giver more than the gift” – Brigham Young

Top tips to buy better for Boxing Day


Crush the Boxing Day Sales your way. Here’s how.


🛍️ Set your budget, check prices and create lists

Prepare and make a plan to research your wish-list. Set yourself a budget and make sure you check prices – shipping can sometimes be a little tricky.

🛍️ Plan ahead

Think of upcoming Valentine’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversary gifts or even just for ‘something special’, Boxing Day sales means you can buy ahead of time at a great price.

🛍️ Avoid the lines and go online

Escape the crush of the crowd and jump onto your phone or devices and shop from the comfort of your couch or lounging by the pool.

🛍️ Love local and independent to promote local businesses

We wield influence when promoting sustainability while backing our producers. While major retailers offer significant discounts during Boxing Day sales, our post-Christmas spending can be directed towards our lovely, local businesses. Locally made goods has less impact on the environmental and contributes to the local community.

🛍️ Ask for gift vouchers for Christmas

Gift vouchers are awesome – especially for Boxing Day Sales. It’s exactly the same as someone handing you money – but you’re buying the gift you really love (after taking back the ones you didn’t).

🛍️ Don't fall into sales traps

Stick to your list and be informed about prices. Avoid impulse spending. Don’t get caught in the credit card debt trap – saving money while not bringing more stuff into the house is always better.

🛍️ Download Apps for convenience and savings

Whether you plan to buy from local physical stores or online retail stores, mobile apps frequently offer great discounts that you can’t get in-store – or even on their website.


Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas” – Peg Bracken

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