The vital role of organising

Written by Team SM

May 17, 2023

In our fast-paced and increasingly complex world, organisation has become an essential skill for personal and professional success.

While chaos can challenge us and build our resilience, constant chaos – particularly clutter in our homes and on our desks – creates havoc on our stress levels and worse case scenario, can lead to affecting our physical safety.

Some clutter is normal and often the byproduct of a high-functioning mind but it’s more about whether that clutter serves you. You need to start questioning whether the lack of organisation is taking over your life when

❌ you can’t find things, manage your finances or stay on top of your housekeeping
❌ piles are growing everywhere and leading to being a safety hazard
❌ pests are starting to show up everywhere and become a problem
❌ you are embarrassed to have people over and isolate yourself as a result


Organisation begins with awareness of what doesn’t work for us

Organisation plays a fundamental role in our lives. By implementing effective organisational strategies, we reduce our stress, increase productivity and improve both our mental and physical health. The benefits extend beyond personal success to positively impact our relationships and overall quality of life.

Embracing organisation as a core principle to life empowers us to navigate the challenges of modern living with greater efficiency, clarity and fulfilment. The ability to establish order, manage resources effectively and maintain clarity amidst chaos is crucial for our overall wellbeing, life satisfaction and productivity.

To recognise the significance of organisation, the IFPOA International Federation of Professional Organizing Association globally appointed May 20 as the day to celebrate the work of organising and productivity professionals. The aim of World Organising Day May 20 is to increase public awareness of the benefits of getting and being organised while highlighting the work of organising and productivity professionals who enrich the personal and professional lives of their clients in their efforts to be more organised and productive.

In celebration of World Organising Day May 20, we recognise how organisation impacts every aspect of our personal and professional lives with our wellbeing, life and productivity. This is why organisation is vital:

✅ Reduces stress and improves mental wellbeing

Organising your surroundings, tasks, and schedules significantly reduces your stress levels. A structured environment promotes a sense of calm and control, allowing us to focus on what matters most. When you eliminate clutter, prioritise tasks and establish routines, you create a more peaceful and conducive atmosphere for your mental wellbeing.

✅ Increases productivity and efficiency

Organisational skills should help us work smarter – not harder. When we have a clear plan and an organised workspace, we can optimise our time and energy. By setting goals, breaking them down into manageable tasks, and maintaining a structured schedule, we enhance our productivity and accomplish more in less time.

✅ Effective time management

Time is limited and everyone is busy. But when you tell others you are too busy, you are really saying they are not a priority. Organising our time effectively is crucial in today’s busy world. With proper organisation, we can allocate time for the essential activities of work, relationships, hobbies, and self-care. By eliminating time-wasting activities and prioritising tasks, we make the most of our limited time for a more fulfilling and balanced life.

✅ Improves decision making

Being organised means better decision-making. When we have all the necessary information readily available, have clear priorities and a systematic approach, we can make informed choices efficiently. Organisation empowers us to weigh options, evaluate consequences and ultimately make decisions that align with our goals and values.

✅ Boosts physical health

Organisation also extends to our physical health. An organised lifestyle promotes healthy habits with regular exercise, nutritious eating and sufficient sleep. By managing our living and working spaces, we are creating environments to support our physical wellness, minimising distractions while encouraging healthier habits.

✅ Strengthens relationships

We are social creatures and deserve to be enriched by our relationships with others. Organisation positively influences these relationships through effective communication and planning. When we are organised, we fulfil commitments, meet deadlines and maintain reliable communication with others. When we put in the effort, our relationships thrive, increasing trust, reducing conflicts and fostering stronger connections – both personally and professionally. No man is an island – as John Donne said.

How a professional organiser helps you

Ultimately, a professional organiser offers guidance, support and expertise to transform your space, reduce the clutter and create a more harmonised and functional environment. A professional organiser provides valuable assistance in organising and decluttering your home or office for these reasons:

Expertise and efficiency

Professional organisers have experience and knowledge in effective organising techniques. They can assess your space, develop a plan just for you while helping you maximise efficiency in your home or office.

Saves time

An organiser helps save time by streamlining your belongings and setting up systems to make it easier to find what you need. They can also handle tasks like sorting and find storage solutions so you focus on what really matters.

Fresh eyes

It can be really challenging to make decisions about what to keep, donate or discard. A professional organiser has no judgement and is unbiased with with an objective perspective so can make choices without being overwhelmed by sentimentality or indecision.

Accountability and motivation

Having your professional organiser by your side makes you accountable while supporting you to tackle your organising projects. They’ll keep you focused, give you guidance and help you stay on track so you achieve your organisation goals.

Personalised solutions

Everyone’s organising needs are unique. So personalised solutions are tailored to you, your lifestyle and organisational goals.

Reduces stress

Clutter and disorganisation leads to stress and anxiety. A professional organiser creates an organised environment to promote calmness and productivity.

Long term benefits

You can learn all the skills and habits you need from a professional organiser. By learning efficient systems, you can maintain an organised space to prevent clutter from building up again.

Let's make a mess

Organising is a journey – not a destination

Struggling to declutter your space? Need  support?

Space Managers helps create organised, productive and peaceful spaces for you. With our expertise and guidance, overcome the cost of clutter for a happier and healthier you.

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