10 reasons to wake up early

Written by SM Team

January 12, 2024


Clutter is more than the physical chaos we create. Clutter also refers to a muddled daily work schedule and disorganised life. A busy schedule doesn’t always translate to a productive day at work. Being busy for the sake of it doesn’t mean goals are hit. It means you are stuck in the minutiae of doing “all the things”.

Waking up early is a positive impact for your day. Waking up early is good for you. It allows you to wake with the sun and sleep when it’s dark: our bodies are naturally wired to do this. Our natural circadian rhythm is the 24-hour internal clock in our brain regulating cycles of alertness and sleepiness, helping our body operate on a healthy sleep-wake schedule.

When your body operates on a healthy sleep-wake schedule, this allows you to eat well, regularly exercise, reduce stress levels, have more energy in the morning and boosts your happiness. One particularly positive benefit in todays modern world is avoiding peak traffic – simply because we can avoid the times when “everyone else” is trying to get to work.

The quiet of the morning means more focus for work or study with greater concentration and creativity. The discipline of rising early inspires a proactive mindset to positively shape the day.

However, waking up early also means going to bed early. A great day starts from the night before by making sure you get enough sleep. Some people need 5 hours of sleep to function at their best. Others need 8 or 10. Know how much sleep you need first – and then work from there.


“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up” – Paul Valery

The 10 benefits to being an early bird


1. Feel more motivated

Early birds look at things from the perspective of an eagle, and so they tend to create an environment where it’s easy for them to be proactive and in control rather than being reactive.

2. Have enough time to prepare for the day

When you wake up late, the flow on effect means you rush your way to work and throughout the day, never quite finding a foothold to success. When you wake up early, you can prepare and be more at ease to flow through the day – rather than stumble.

3. It’s the time of the day when creativity begins

Your mind is refreshed after waking up in the morning because your body gets rejuvenated. A refreshed mind tends to send those neurons sparking all over the brain and fires up your synapses, which kicks off the creativity process. Building momentum throughout the day becomes second nature to you.

4. Regain a sense of control

Waking up late creates time pressure, reducing control and motivation for being productive. Early to rise means your morning routine, which includes exercise, a bath, chores, and a healthy breakfast, becomes difficult with a late start. Setting your alarm for 5 am can change this situation.

5. Have time to work out

Trying to exercise after work often results in a loss of motivation, as most of your energy has already been spent. However, it’s different when you work out after a good night’s sleep. Planning to exercise in the morning by waking up 1-2 hours before work can be more effective.

6. Enjoy less distractions

Waking up early has the benefit of fewer people and less traffic, resulting in fewer distractions from noises at home, work, or on the streets. The calm and distraction-free environment in the early hours is a pleasant experience.

7. Accomplish more faster

There’s no denying that your head is at its clearest during the mornings, and as such, it’s easier to complete many tasks in the morning than at any other time of the day. So get up early and make the most of your day.

8. Reduce the stress

You accomplish tasks way differently when you wake up early in the morning. This is because you have the advantage of a rejuvenated body and the clarity of mind, therefore you will experience less stress when doing your tasks, chores or hobbies.

9. Have time to enjoy breakfast

Foods like protein bars, pop-tarts, or processed foods are not ideal for breakfasts, but they’re any easy go-to when on the run. Breakfast should include wholegrains, eggs, fruits and dairy or milk products. Prepartion time means a great breakfast for a great start to the day.

10. Less time for procrastination

The morning is perfect for attacking our most challenging tasks. Our mind is at its most alert so you can address your to-do list while willpower is high. Early hours make it easier to handle any tasks for the day ahead.


Success comes to those who have the willpower to win over their snooze buttons.

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