The essential Spring cleaning checklist

Written by SM Team

September 30, 2023


Spring has sprung. As the temperature begins to climb and nature awakens with blossoming flowers, the promise of Spring fills the air. It’s the season of renewal and rejuvenation. Embrace the warmer months by reviving your living space with a deep clean to refresh ahead. Follow these top tips and tricks for your Essential spring cleaning checklist.

Spring cleaning is a renewal of the home, a fresh start for a new season

The origins of this age-old practice hearken back to our traditions when homes were closed up with wood, coal, oil and kerosene fires. A thorough post-winter scrubbing was necessary. The ritual lives on, marking the start of a vibrant season while aligning our indoor spaces with the blossoming outside. Spring cleaning breathes new life into your living space, refreshing it for health and serenity.

Spring cleaning is a boost to our mental well-being, physical health, productivity and self-esteem with these awesome benefits

Reduces stress
A tidy and organised space lowers stress levels, doing away with the build-up of anxiety from clutter.

Improves health
A deep clean eliminates dust and mould, reducing the impact or risk of allergies and asthma.

✅ Increases productivity
A clutter-free environment boosts focus and productivity, setting the tone for a productive season through the last quarter of the year. And cleaning is physical too.

✅ Boosts self-esteem
A well-organised home serves up a sense of pride and accomplishment, amplifying your confidence and satisfaction.



Check the Smart 7-step spring cleaning checklist to go deep for the ultimate deep cleaning plan. 





The essential spring cleaning checklist


✅ Clean out the pantry
✅ Wash kitchen cabinets
✅ Deep clean the oven
✅ Move the fridge – vacuum and mop behind it, including the foils
✅ Deep clean fridge inside and out

Kitchen cleaning tips
⭐️ Use baking soda and vinegar to clean sinks, countertops and the microwave
⭐️ Soak oven racks in foil with a dishwasher tablet for a few hours before wiping them clean of grease
⭐️ Remove grease around cooktops and range hoods using essential oils, such as orange and eucalyptus
⭐️ Deodorise the kitchen bin with soapy boiling water


✅ Clean and disinfect the tub and shower
✅ Wash bath mats
✅ Wipe down surfaces and dust decorative items
✅ Wash or replace shower liners and shower curtains

Bathroom cleaning tips
⭐️ Clean bathroom surfaces with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon
⭐️ Keep areas clean and dry to prevent mould growth
⭐️ Declutter and reorganise shelves and storage spaces
⭐️ Freshen up the toilet for next level fresh using shaving cream to clean the base


✅ Wash or steam bedding and throw pillows
✅ Flip or rotate the mattress
✅ Purge anything stored under the bed
✅ Clear out and reset your wardrobe, donating or selling items not worn in 2 years
✅ Update your wardrobe for more storage space
✅ Repurpose stained or worn clothing
✅ Dry clean then pack away and store winter clothes and items- until next year

Living spaces

✅ Overhaul drawers by sorting, decluttering and reorganising
✅ Dust and wash mirrors, frames and decorations
✅ Vacuum upholstery and lamp shades
✅ Dust furniture and fixtures
✅ Wash or steam throw pillows and blankets
✅ Dust and polish furniture.
✅ Vacuum and shampoo carpets – mop and wax if necessary

Living room cleaning tips
⭐️ Dust blinds using tongs and a cloth
⭐️ Dust lampshades using a lint roller
⭐️ Remove pet hair from carpet and furniture with a rubber squeegee
⭐️ Use Google to DIY home hacks and refresh your space on a budget


✅ Sweep the front porch and back deck
✅ Give your outdoor space a general tidy up
✅ Prune back any dead branches, renew with mulch and fertilise plants
✅ Look at installing a compost bin
✅ Clear gutters


✅ Clean out all the clutter, checking under seats, in consoles and gloveboxes
✅ Vacuum out dirt and dust
✅ Clean the air vents and cup holders
✅ Organise the interior using boxes or storage units
✅ Wash and wax the exterior

Health and safety

✅ Change smoke detector batteries
✅ Check electronics are plugged in to a surge protector and cords are untangled
✅ Check expiration date on the fire extinguisher
✅ Disinfect computer keyboards and mouse, removing crumbs and dust with a microfibre cloth
✅ Update first aid kits and clear out expired medication while sorting other medications


Spring clean your way to happiness

Ultimately, the most crucial aspect of Spring cleaning is creating a clean, organised, and refreshed environment to boost your physical and mental well-being and leave you happier and clutter-free .

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